Were You Recently Involved In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Florida PIP insurance law requires that you seek medical attention from a physician or chiropractor within the first 14 days immediately following a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). If you do not seek medical attention (including a visit to the ER) within the first 14 days following a MVA, you may forfiet your insurance PIP benefits. Even if you don't go to the emergency room or have no visible signs of an injury, a visit to a physician or chiropractor within the 14 time period will allow you to retain your PIP insurance visits later down the road. Sometimes, with motor vehicle accidents, injuries and pain do not appear immediately after an accident but can appear weeks or months later.

Call Us To Schedule Your Appointment

  • Call us at 850-678-8048 to schedule your appointment.
  • Schedule permitting, we will try to get you in our office the same or next day.
  • Complete necessary paperwork online prior to your appointment. Go to our website home page, click the "New Patient Paperwork" tab and begin. Please note that you must use a computer for your paperwork. A tablet and smartphone will NOT work.
  • Gather important information and documents to bring to your initial appointment.
  1. We will need your exact date of accident.
  2. Have your insurance claim number.
  3. We will need your claim adjuster's name, address, phone and fax information.
  4. Bring your drivers license and insurance ID card.
  5. Name and location of any other physicians or facilities where your were treated after this accident.
  6. Verify your benefits with your claims adjuster. Do you have a deductible or co-pay? Do you have Med-Pay on your insurance policy?
  7. Name and contact information for your attorney, if you have one.